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MyDrink Bottling

Our sister company MyDrink Bottling is offering professional beverage contract manufacturing services. MyDrink Bottling factory is located in Lithuania, Vilnius. Our facilities are specifically designed to cater the needs of beverage startups and SMEs.

The factory is equipped to with pasteurization unit and carbonation. We do not believe in beverages with preservatives.

We are capable to bottle in:

  • GLASS Bottles (28mm, 38mm neck size)
  • PET Bottles (28mm, 38mm neck size)


Beverage Manufacturing

Outsourcing your beverage bottling and production management to MyDrink not only gives you access to our industry knowledge and expertise, it also saves valuable time and money by allowing you to focus your attention and resources on your vital sales and marketing strategy.

We work with drink manufacturers on an international scale to ensure that we find the best and most cost-effective solutions for the production of your drink.


TURNKEY Manufacturing Set-Up

Save time and money by letting our industry experts find the best beverage manufacturing facilities to meet your production needs and budget limitations.

Simply tell us your requirements, and we’ll swiftly and efficiently find the best solution to suit your needs.

  • No need to hire additional staff for sourcing.
  • Save money by eliminating the need for additional salaries, taxes, international phone calls, and traveling expenses.
  • Get the upper hand in the negotiation process by outsourcing to a team of industry experts.
  • Enjoy peace of mind through the extensive support and expertise of leading industry professionals.

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