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Integrated solutions covering Market Intelligence, New Product Development and Manufacturing. MyDrink provides services to cover your whole beverages business from start to expansion.


Starting with Market Intelligence, you will be provided with an answer about market status and landscape in terms of size, forecast dynamics, key players and available products. These questions have to be asked by every entrepreneur or business which is considering business expansion decision in any market. In many cases, business decisions are taken using an ’educated guess’ approach that is based on experience in other markets or just a subjective perception. However, that method does not eliminate as much risk as possible from the decision-making process. MyDrink builds Market Intelligence solutions  according to the specific pain points identified by our clients. The solution is focused on the optimal scope and method intended to cross-check the business idea and to identify possible market segments, niches, and weaknesses.


Continuing to New Product Development, you will find our team is ready to provide a wide spectrum of solutions. An analysis of competitors‘ product will be performed in MyDrink’s specialist whom have vast experience across the globe.


Finally, our team is ready to locate the best manufacturing facility to produce your beverage. Many considerations including location and facility capabilities are taken into account to find a production partner that fits your needs.

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