Market Intelligence


The ultimate goal for every study is to answer the key questions
and provide up-to-date and reliable information to support Client’s strategic business planning.

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We develop a research solution that provides an analysis of the requested product market size, competitive landscape, distribution, current trends, industry dynamics, and potential opportunities. The ultimate goal for every study is to answer key questions and provide up-to-date and reliable information to support the client’s strategic business planning.


Tailor-made solutions include the following objectives

  • Gather and store audit data on requested product categories in retailing channels in countries under review.
  • Provide quantitative data on requested product market size and historical/forecast evolution.
  • Provide qualitative information on requested product market trends and developments.
  • Understand the competitive and distribution landscape.
  • Provide key learnings and recommendations for the client.

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Frequently asked questions
in market intelligence

Market intelligence may answer you many vital questions in various stages of your business project. Starting from the initial question if the project has to be initiated and finishing with the ways how to expand your business. Every company has to do at least initial scope of market intelligence before starting a new business project, eg to find out if their product or service has already analogues in the selected market or not, what are the main features of already present products, which price segment they play and if there is a demand for novelties/alternatives/expansions.

At the same time companies present on market with their products need to have their hand on market pulse. In very many cases companies have their own market research units, following the key trends on market. However, in order to make sure that their insights are presenting the closest to reality view, it is always recommended having an independent look at the market, their players and performance of the company.

According to the best practice Market Intelligence Client is the owner of research results unless it is agreed differently.

Usually companies are playing in highly hectic markets in terms of competitors, new products development, changes in consumer behavior etc. As a result, the tailored made Market Intelligence solutions have to be built according to the specifics of every Client pain. Therefore, MyDrink is keen to spend slightly more time for project initiation stage in order to really understand Client pain and build a composition of Market Intelligence tools which would result into really adding value information for client.  One of the core targets of MyDrink is to build a Market Intelligence solution which would provide a Client with new/less known/different angle information at the end of project. We don’t want our clients to pay extra for information they already know.

MyDrink always commissions analysts in researched countries in order to avoid mother tongue language issues, follow the key trends of daily life in the selected countries, understand peculiarities of local daily and business culture.

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